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🌟 Welcome to MyLifestyleChoices.net, your digital haven curated by two passionate individuals—Shivangi Chauhan and our engineering-savvy partner. 


I’m Shivangi, a life sciences graduate from Delhi University’s Maitreyi College. Holding a master’s in Clinical Embryology and Reproductive Biology from Delhi AIIMS. 

📚 Beyond the realms of academia, I wear multiple hats as an experienced teacher and a learning embryologist. Teaming up with my tech-savvy partner, we’ve embarked on this blogging journey to share insights across various genres that we are well-versed in.


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This blog is more than just a collection of words—it’s a blend of our diverse experiences and expertise. As a team, we delve into various genres, sharing insights and information about health, career, entertainment, and more. With backgrounds in life sciences and engineering, we aim to bring you a well-rounded perspective on the essential facets of life.

👩‍💻 At MyLifestyleChoices.net, authenticity is our cornerstone. I invite you to explore the various sections of our blog, where we strive to deliver content that resonates with you—be it health tips, career advice, or the latest in entertainment.

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